Returnable Packaging

Returnable Packaging

Prairie Plastics has 60 years of experience in designing, tool development, and manufacturing of reusable packaging in multiple industries. Your business opportunities are unique to your needs but together through a solid built partnership, we will learn what you need, utilize our experience, and develop something new and custom. Our engineers can take your part, prints, or CAD files and design a custom thermoformed plastic reusable solution tailored to your requirements. We welcome the opportunities that have difficulty in design, tight timing, or budget restraints. We operate and appreciate that we work for you and we want you to be successful.

Value propositions for custom reusable packaging

  • Returnable PackagingReusable, recyclable and returnable
  • Lighter than wood
  • Germ resistant and waterproof
  • Durable
  • Stackable, rackable and nestable
  • Efficiently stored
  • Easily moved
  • Easily cleaned

Durable thermoform industrial packaging reduces costs

Returnable PackagingExtremely durable, our thermoformed plastic reusable dunnage trays extend packaging life for multiple return trips to reduce costs. If your packaging outlasts your product, Prairie Plastics offers a buyback program for credit on your next order. It’s our way of helping the environment and your budget.


Returnable PackagingWe can customize the color of the packaging with striping or material to satisfy your organizational needs. Whether it is for customer identification, product platform, or for the convivence of your employees, we offer custom identification tailored to your needs. This customer identification can be added to you packaging so it will assist in the product being returned to you.

After building samples for our customers, and if the customer has product to load into the custom application, we have partnerships that will allow for testing of the product on a vibration table to simulate shipping, compression machine to simulate warehouse conditions, and also impact testing. There are other tests available to the customer to ensure they are comfortable with the solution before purchasing the fleet.

We offer the ability to evaluate your product before you purchase the whole product/process. We offer project management and cost control.